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Of all our videos which went out of print, this one’s demise surprised us the most, partly because it was the best of the lot in many ways, partly because it features Hollywood star Edward Norton, and thirdly because it was the most successful in video sales. It was directed by Robert Maidment and filmed on location in New York City, New Jersey and Long Island.

Like Grapevine and English Channel, it used a format with a team of actors who played different roles in each episode, like a sketch show. There were eight episodes in American English, designed to go with any beginner level course. The syllabus was based on Main Street 1 and Main Street 2 (or Grapevine One).

Ed Norton as Eric and Nick Giangiulio as Mr Webster in The Websters.

Edward Norton features in a variety of roles. As you can guess they were filmed only just before he shot to fame in “Primal Fear”. Ed was magic on camera, and his role as Eric, the nerdy boyfriend in “The Websters,” had the whole crew in hysterics. The little addition of a Band-Aid to the spectacles was Ed’s idea. He is a superb comedian, though he is now so much better known for his serious roles. ESL / ELT video is not Hollywood, but Ed gave his total commitment and expertise throughout. He has the attention to detail. I had stills of him in several different shirts as he tried to decide which shirt said “Eric.”

There was one moment of apprehension. Ed (as Eric) had to start his battered car and lurch along the street. Ed said he’d let it drop back so as to nearly hit the car behind, then make it jump forward. We were apprehensive as the car behind didn’t belong to us, and couldn’t be switched for one that did as it had already appeared on camera. Ed did it just as he had promised, missing the vehicle by about quarter of an inch. Fortunately the crew held the applause until after the director shouted, “cut.”

He appears in the following episodes:

Video 1: Duane in “Duane & Donna in New York”
Video 4: James in “Big Deal”
Video 5: Bruno in “Office Blues”
Video 6: Eric in “The Websters”
Video 8: The museum guard in “The Artist”

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Nick Giangiulio: Tony Vidal, Mr Webster

Edward Norton & Nick Giangiulio in “Big Deal”

Barbara Gulan: Olivia Revere, Mrs Webster

Barbara Gulan as Olivia in “Office Blues”

Dani Klein:  Tammy / Vega / Lauren / Paloma Lee / The Gallery Owner

Dani Klein (as Vega) & David Slavin in “Strange Encounter”

Annie Meisels: Ashley / Laura / Chelsea Webster / The Artist

Anni Meisels in “The Artist”

Marcus Naylor: Max / Brandon / Samuel

Marcus Naylor as Brandon in “First day”

Edward Norton: Duane / James / Bruno / Eric / The Museum Guard

Edward Norton and Anni Meisels in “Office Blues”

David Slavin: Harrison Winthrop / Scott / Kevin / Greg Tyler

David Slavin in “Strange Encounter”

Amy Van Horne: Donna / Britanny / Stephanie

Amy Van Horne and Edward Norton in “Duane & Donna in New York”

Donna Wilder: Marcie

Donna Wilder and David Slavin in “Good Morning, Greenstown”


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