Mystery Tour

Original Mystery Tour publicity brochure


Mystery Tour is a ten-episode atmospheric thriller, set in Oxford. The video is at intermediate level, and is based on an original script by acclaimed TV writer Bob Baker (Dr Who, Wallace & Gromit)  and adapted by Peter Viney & Karen Viney.  It was published by Oxford University Press in 1989.

Robert Maidment was the producer, and it was directed by Misha Williams.


Nina Barnes is a tour guide in Oxford. Her boyfriend David Granger is an insurance claims investigator. The story begins when an American tourist, Mr Curtis, disappears from one of Nina’s tours. The mystery deepens when Nina and David see Curtis’s blazer in a secondhand shop …

Paul Anthony-Barber & Nicola Wright as David and Nina

Nina was played by Nicola Wright, and David by Paul Anthony-Barber. William Roberts played Curtis, the American who disappears. Cate Fowler was Ros, the villain of the piece. It was a fraught production with extremely long filming hours per day and some considerable arguments between the writers and the director (which has not happened on any of the others). The result though, was an excellent video.

It was Highly Commended in the English Speaking Union Duke of Edinburgh Award in 1989.

Peter Viney receiving Duke of Edinburgh award for Mystery Tour


Activity Book – ISBN 019 458233 7

Video Guide – ISBN 019 458234 5

DVD Edition – ISBN 019 459558 7


Nicola Wright as Nina Barnes, the tour guide and central figure

Paul Anthony-Barber as David, Nicola’s boyfriend and an insurance investigator

William Roberts as Curtis, the man who disappears

Cate Fowler as Ros, and Terry McInity as Ed

Jo Mydell. Major Hammond. US Air Force base.

Ron Nunnery as Tommy, the old man who found the jacket

Terry McInity as Ed, Christopher Hammond as Larry

Andre Thornton-Grimes as Patrick, driver of the tour bus (one of the key script points was to make as many people as possible look suspicious)

Sylva Langova as Mrs Bishop, the woman who lived in the flat next to Tommy’s

Carole Street as the pawnbroker

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