Grapevine Two video

Peter Viney & Karen Viney

High Elementary / Pre-intermediate  level

Eight episodes

Published by Oxford University Press, 1991


Grapevine Two was our favourite book in the Grapevine series, and Karen maintains it’s the “second-best” of all our coursebooks (after Handshake). I’d vote for IN English Two and IN English Three. Tim Falla was a wonderful editor, and we even talked one Boxing Day on the phone when an idea came to him. The whole thing was a joy.

Gareth Davies, the director, had wonderful tales of working with Richard Burton at Stratford. He comes from Tredegar, my mother’s home town.Gareth sometimes commented in Welsh on what was going on, and was appalled that I didn’t understand.

Cathryn Harrison was not available for level two, though came back for level three. This meant that for Dennis Cook’s Trip (Episode One), a production assistant in a wig had to fill in for her as the comatose Tricia Cook.

Perhaps our worst filming moments ever were doing the episode Survival on Exmoor, then doing an evening shoot in sub-zero temperatures for the start of My Friend Is Alien. The “cherry-picker” crane with the lights for the scene froze in the up position. So did the cast and crew. We were all in greatcoats, scarves and balaclavas. Jim Sweeney was in the thin nylon alien costume.

The Wedding was filmed on a bright sunny day … in mid-winter. The bride had to wear Long John underwear beneath her wedding dress.


Badly scanned from the Activity Book!


One of the innovative features of the Grapevine series, was that every fifth unit in the forty unit Student Book could be replaced by video, so that you could use the video either with the main Student Book, or for a much fuller exploitation, with the Video Activity book.

Grapevine Two Video Activity Book: Sample page


Grapevine Two Student Book             0 19 425386 4
Grapevine Two Student Book – Spanish Edition             0 19 425401 1
Grapevine Two Teacher’s Book             0 19 425387 2
Grapevine Two Workbook 1A             0 19 425388 0
Grapevine Two Workbook 1B             0 19 425390 2
Grapevine Two Audio Cassettes (x2)             0 19 425389 9
Grapevine Test Booklet 2             0 19 470211 1


Grapevine Two Activity Book             0 19 458473 9

Grapevine Two Video 1  VHS / PAL             0 19 458455 0
Grapevine Two Video 2  VHS / PAL             0 19 458464 X
Grapevine Two Video 1  VHS /NTSC             0 19 458457 7
Grapevine Two Video 2  VHS / NTSC             0 19 458466 6
Grapevine Two Video 1  VHS / SECAM             0 19 458456 9
Grapevine Two Video 2  VHS / SECAM             0 19 458465 8

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