Grapevine Three Video

Peter Viney & Karen Viney

Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate  level

Eight episodes

Published by Oxford University Press, 1992


Grapevine Three differed from the others in being an early summer shoot. We had Cathryn Harrison back (but only for half the filming), and we had Jaye Griffiths who had appeared in Lambert & Stacey in Grapevine One. A major addition was Amanda Root for Love in A Garden and The Cricket Match. Amanda later became everyone’s favourite choice for Jane Austen, starring in Persuasion and Jane Eyre. She had a similar frock for Love in A Garden. Phyllida Nash (from Grapevine Two’s Radio Plays) was in No Vacancies as the hotel manager, and Love In A Garden as the romantic novelist.

Tony Garner took over the revolving director’s seat (and each director brought in new excellent actors). The Cricket Match was half populated by Oxford University Press staff, while the opposing cricket team was a real one (apart from the gigantic and terrifying bowler).

The other videos we did at this level, Mystery Tour and English Channel 3: Double Identity both used continuing stories. Grapevine Three is rare at the level for having separate stories each based on a transparent teaching point.



One of the innovative features of the Grapevine series, was that every fifth unit in the forty unit Student Book could be replaced by video, so that you could use the video either with the main Student Book, or for a much fuller exploitation, with the Video Activity book.

Grapevine Three Student Book             0 19 425391 0
Grapevine Three Student Book – Spanish Edition             0 19 425402 X
Grapevine Three Teacher’s Book             0 19 425392 9
Grapevine Three Workbook 1A             0 19 425393 7
Grapevine Three Workbook 1B             0 19 425395 3
Grapevine Three Audio Cassettes (x2)             0 19 425394 5


Grapevine Three Activity Book             0 19 458699 5

Grapevine Three Video 1  VHS / PAL             0 19 458681 2
Grapevine Three Video 2  VHS / PAL             0 19 458690 1
Grapevine Three Video 1  VHS /NTSC             0 19 458683 9
Grapevine Three Video 2  VHS / NTSC             0 19 458692 8
Grapevine Three Video 1  VHS / SECAM             0 19 458682 0
Grapevine Three Video 2  VHS / SECAM             0 19 458691 X

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