Grapevine One Video

Peter Viney & Karen Viney

Beginner level

Eight episodes

Published by Oxford University Press, 1989


This contains our most popular story ever, A Day In The Life of Dennis Cook, with Dennis Cook played by Steve Steen. Steve is permanently connected to Dennis in our minds (having written five more stories about him). In fact, we had originally conceived the role for David Jansen (Kevin in A Weekend Away / A Week By The Sea). Once we’d seen Steve as Dennis, there seemed no other possibility.

The team of three, Jim Sweeney, Steve Steen and Cathryn Harrison gelled immediately.

Steve Steen, Cathryn Harrison, Jim Sweeney in Lambert & Stacey

Steve Steen & Jim Sweeney in Quiz of The Week

Jim and Steve were an established comedy duo (appearing in The Rory Bremner Show and Whose Line Is It Anyway?), and Cathryn an established actor in more serious roles (as well as being the daughter of Noel Harrison, and granddaughter of Rex Harrison). She is brilliant at comedy.


Contents page from the Activity Book


One of the innovative features of the Grapevine series, was that every fifth unit in the forty unit Student Book could be replaced by video, so that you could use the video either with the main Student Book, or for a much fuller exploitation, with the Video Activity book.


Grapevine One Student Book             0 19 425381 3
Grapevine One Student Book – Spanish Edition             0 19 425400 3
Grapevine One Teacher’s Book             0 19 425382 1
Grapevine One Workbook 1A             0 19 425383 X
Grapevine One Workbook 1B             0 19 425385 6
Grapevine One Audio Cassettes (x2)             0 19 425384 8
Grapevine Test Booklet 1             0 19 470210 3
Grapevine: Munkafuzet 1              0 19 425425 9
(Hungarian Workbook)


Grapevine One Activity Book             0 19 458393 7
Grapevine One Video 1  VHS / PAL             0 19 458375 9
Grapevine One Video 2  VHS / PAL             0 19 458384 8
Grapevine One Video 1  VHS /NTSC             0 19 458377 5
Grapevine One Video 2  VHS / NTSC             0 19 458386 4
Grapevine One Video 1  VHS / SECAM             0 19 458376 7
Grapevine One Video 2  VHS / SECAM            0 19 458385 6

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