The Wrong Trousers

DVD edition of The Wrong Trousers, 30 minutes, Oxford University Press

The Wrong Trousers is an ELT adaptation of the Oscar-winning® film by Nick Park. It was written by Nick Parker and Bob Baker, and we had previously collaborated with Bob Baker on the script for our Mystery Tour video. The adaptation uses the original Wallace, actor Peter Sallis, to voice the simplified dialogue, and adds the voice of a narrator to enrich the language. There is an interview with Peter Viney and Karen Viney from the OUP web magazine “ELT Spectrum” linked here.

It is aimed at beginner level students and combines a gripping storyline with humour, pathos and brilliant characterization.

The Student’s Book offers full video exploitation, related language practice material, a transfer section, vocabulary building pages, a full grammar summary and a transcript.

The  DVD has optional English language subtitles. Menus allow individual episodes and sections of episodes to be selected.


Students Book and Teachers Book

This is the Contents page from the Student Book:

Student’s Book                                                                    0 19 459029 1
Teacher’s Book                                                                   0 19 459030 5
VHS PAL video                                                                   0 19 459025 9
VHS SECAM video                                                             0 19 459026 7
VHS NTSC video                                                                 0 19 459027 5
DVD                                                                                    0 19 459007-0


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