The Study Guides (2011)

A Weekend Away / A Week By The Sea

The Study Guides are 2011 productions. They are NOT the original Activity Books.

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Both Activity Books are now available.

When we wrote the Activity Books we asumed a classroom lesson, with paired activities, and a teacher. We also assumed that having gone to the trouble to go through the video in detail, it was good to evolve extra activities that did not require access to video equipment. So there were an extra two or three lessons of material after using the video.

In 2011 we assumed that the videos would be exploited, but that no one would wish to have extra lessons on the theme. We also assumed that paired question and answer was a bad idea, as it meant they could not be used for self-study.

Our methodology changed so as to allow both teacher-centred lessons AND self-study lessons.

Each unit consists of six pages of exploitation:


This is on a single page and has a before watching “tuning-in” activity based on the structure and vocabulary and a simple post-watching activity (usually True / False) after watching the entire episode. This should be done first.

A Weekend Away: Study Guide  Whole video activity for Episode 7.


This is on a ‘spread’ of two pages. Each of the four sections within each episode are CHAPTERS and can be accessed with the SKIP control. They are exploited in detail, one at a time.

For each section there is a WHILE YOU WATCH activity and one, two or three AFTER YOU WATCH activities. These are now designed to expose the language within the video much more thoroughly. Some exercises are similar to the original ones, but we wrote ten more video courses after those, and have incorporated additional exploitation activities.

A Week By The Sea: Study Guide Section 1 and Section 2 exploitation for Episode 2.

Then students are asked to watch the whole video again so as to gain a feeling of progress.


We found students annotated the Transcripts heavily in previous video books. They also form the answer key to many of the activities.

In A Week By The Sea the longer scripts mean that in most units these extend over onto the fifth page.

A Weekend Away Study Guide: Transcript for Episode 2

PAGE 5 in A Weekend Away is a detailed GRAMMAR SUMMARY for reference.

(In A Week By The Sea this moves to page six).

A Weekend Away: Study Guide Grammar for Episode 2

PAGE 6 in A Weekend Away is Expressions (formulas) and Vocabulary.

(In A Week By The Sea this is on page 5, which it shares with the Transcript extension).

A Week By The Sea Study Guide: Episode 4: postcard, expressions, vocabulary

In A Week By The Sea we also decided to include Sharon’s postcards home , for which we had space because we only listed new vocabulary, not “total vocabulary.” This was because of the shift upwards in l

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