My Oxford English

My Oxford English is a self study program, consisting of ten DVD programs, which is available from Oxford University Press in Spain. All the exercises are designed for Spain, with a Spanish narrator and translated grammar summaries and vocabulary.

Peter & Karen Viney wrote all eighty scripts, graded at ten levels. Peter Viney wrote the syllabus. It went online in 2009.

Like Grapevine, it uses a team of actors who then take different roles. There are eight video stories in each level, and there are nine strands which re-appear. A strand will only appear once in a level. The strands are:

Dallas & Tania (football star and supermodel wife)
Detectives (a comic duo of detectives)
Welcome to Britain (a young American couple visiting Britain)
Flatmates (three people sharing a flat)
Changes (a TV “makeover” programme involving the hapless Kevin)
Brian’s Bistro (a story based around a small restaurant)
Mornings with Mandy (a breakfast TV show with guests)
Monday to Friday (an office story, with narrator voice over and a Dennis Cook-like figure)
Quiz Channel (a series of different quiz shows, with the same presenter)

The cover photos on the discs are taken from different strands.

1 is from Quiz Channel
2 is from Dallas & Tania
3 is from Flatmates
4 is from Detectives
5 is from Monday to Friday
6 is from Welcome to England
7 is from Mornings with Mandy
8 is from Brian’s Bistro
9 is from Dallas & Tania
10 is from Flatmates
(Changes doesn’t get a cover picture)

Though we have no financial interest in the series (i.e. no royalty) it is work we’re proud of and recommend highly for Spanish speakers. We feel that Dallas (the captain of the England football team) and his supermodel wife, Tania, are two of the funniest characters we’ve written. They’re up there with Kevin & Sharon and Dennis Cook. This is Prince Charles with the My Oxford English sign:

There is a Virtual Tour in Spanish at the My Oxford English website.

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