A Week By The Sea

A Week By The Sea is the pre-intermediate follow-up to A Weekend Away, featuring Kevin and Sharon again, this time on holiday in Dorset.
It’s now available on a Two-on-one DVD from Three Vee, in a licensed edition from Oxford University Press. If there is sufficient interest, it will be available on a DVD on its own.

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A Week By The Sea Study Guide


A Week By The Sea DVD menu

Like A Weekend Away, there are eight episodes. The original edition was related to Streamline English Connections, with one episode for each ten units. It was used independently with a wide range of material at pre-intermediate level, and this remastered reissue can be used alone, or with a course at the level.

A Week By The Sea has a basic cast of four:

Rear: Sharon, Kevin, Alison. Front: Clive
from Episode 3: Good Sports

Sharon Smith (Debbie Arnold) is a hairdresser.
Kevin Smith (David Janson) is a painter and decorator.
Clive Potter (Andrew Bicknell) and Alison Potter (Marguerite Hardiman) are the couple they meet. They’re a few years older than Kevin and Sharon. Clive is the Sales Manager of a company, and Alison is the Personnel Manager in a department store.

Each episode introduces other characters, including Kevin’s foreman (Norman Mitchell), the lady in the hairdresser’s (Lesley Nunnerly), the Hotel Manager (Richard Kay), Sally (Nancy Crane), the tennis coach (Nicholas Colicos), the old man at Corfe Castle (Maurice Blake), the Estate Agent (Philip Trewinnard) and Madame Rose (Anna Tzelnicker).

Left to Right: Alison, Sharon, Clive & Kevin. Alison and Clive have rented a boat in Poole Harbour, and Kevin and Sharon are visiting them.

The episodes

1 Summer Holiday It’s Friday. Kevin & Sharon are at work. It’s the last day before their summer holiday. Saturday morning. They’re packing. They arrive in Dorset and Kevin sets up a tent. But Sharon has other ideas.
2 Beside the Seaside Saturday afternoon. Kevin and Sharon arrive in Weymouth and check into a hotel, where they meet Clive and Alison. They all go to the beach.
3 Good Sports Sunday morning. Clive and Alison have breakfast. Clive and Kevin play golf, while Sharon and Alison play tennis. They all meet later, and Kevin gets his revenge.
4 A Ghost in
The Castle
Monday. Kevin and Sharon go to Corfe Castle where an old man tells them a story. There are strange happenings at the castle.
5 Trouble in Store Tuesday. Kevin and Sharon are sightseeing in Poole. They meet Sally who works at the hotel. She tells them Clive and Alison have hired a boat in Poole. They meet and make plans for the next day. Kevin and Sharon go to a supermarket to get food for a picnic.
6 The Last Boat Leaves At Six Wednesday. Kevin and Sharon meet Clive and Alison and take a boat trip to Brownsea Island for the day. But the last boat leaves the island at six o’clock.
7 House for Sale Thursday. It’s raining, so Kevin and Sharon visit Wimborne Minster. They decide to go and look at a new house they passed earlier in the day. Later they tell Clive and Alison what happened.
8 A Look Into The Future Friday. Kevin and Sharon visit a fortune teller and hear some alarming news. They meet Clive and Alison at the beach and tell them about it.

Kevin and Sharon arrive in Weymouth

Episode 1: Summer Holiday. Sharon at work

Episode 1: Summer Holiday. Sharon isn’t happy about the tent.

Episode 2: Beside The seaside: Clive and Alison see Kevin and Sharon for the first time. Kevin has just ‘bumped’ Clive’s car.

Episode 2: Beside The Seaside. Clive tries to avoid Kevin and Sharon.

Episode 2: Sharon offers Clive seafood.

Episode 2: Beside The Seaside. On the beach.

Episode 3: Good Sports. After the tennis match.

Episode 3: Good Sports. Clive and Kevin play golf.

Episode 4: The Ghost in the Castle with Maurice Blake

Episode 4: The Ghost in the Castle. What has Kevin seen?

Episode 4: The Ghost in the Castle. I’m worried about you, Kevin.

Episode 5: Kevin & Sharon meet Sally (Nancy Crane) on Poole Quay.

Episode 5: Clive and Alison see Sharon waving at them.

Episode 5: Trouble in Store with Nancy Crane

Episode 6: The Last Boat Leaves At Six. “East!” Clive instructs Sharon – they’re looking for the lost Kevin.

Episode 6: The Last Boat Leaves at Six: Kevin leaves …

Episode 7: House for Sale It’s raining, so let’s go and look at a house

Episode 7: House for Sale. Sharon likes it. Kevin doesn’t.

Episode 7: House for Sale.With Philip Trewinnard.

Episode 8: A Look Into The Future. Sharon persuades Kevin to have his fortune told.

Episode 8: A Look Into The Future. Kevin with Madame Rose (Anna Tzelnicker)

Episode 8: A Look Into the Future. Kevin is worried.

Episode 8. A Look Into The Future. On the beach.

The language syllabus

1 Summer Holiday multi-tense review; present, past, present perfect, going to future
want, want to do, want someone to do
hotel reservations
2 Beside the Seaside look, taste, smell etc; too, enough;
couldn’t, had to, able to
how far / long / heavy
3 Good Sports question tags; reflexives / each other
comparison, as…as;
present perfect; May we …
4 A Ghost in The Castle used to do;    should, shouldn’t
indirect commands tell her to …
relatives: She’s the one (that) did it.
5 Trouble in Store present perfect continuous;
relative clauses;
-ing forms; may / might
6 The Last Boat Leaves At Six indirect questions;future withwhen, if, as soon as, until
conditionals (type 1)
7 House for Sale past perfectconditionals (type 2);
would, wouldn’t
8 A Look Into The Future reported speech; statements, questions
conditionals type 2; if I were you
have something done

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