A Grand Day Out

DVD edition 25 minutes

A Grand Day Out was the first of Nick Parks’ Wallace and Gromit animations for Aardman, although it was the last one to be adapted for ELT. We felt it was more suitable for primary than the other two, and also that we could evolve a very low-level syllabus. Lorena Roberts prepared the Teacher’s Book, as we wanted primary level expertise on detail classroom procedure.

The adaptation uses the original Wallace, actor Peter Sallis, to voice the simplified dialogue, and adds the voice of a narrator to enrich the language.

We divided the story into six episodes:

Each has video exploitation material, then further fun-oriented active practice material, transcripts and a picture dictionary. The books are bright and lively, and the Teacher’s Guide offers detailed help for teachers new to working with video.

There is a detailed article on A Grand Day Out at www.viney.uk.com. Link here.

The DVD has optional English language subtitles.

Students Book and Teacher’s Book: Oxford University Press

A page from the Student Book (unit 2). The task involves using sounds as a focus.


Student’s Book                                                                   0 19 459245 6
Teacher’s Book                                                                   0 19 459246 4
VHS PAL video                                                                   0 19 459247 2
VHS SECAM video                                                              0 19 459249  9
VHS NTSC video                                                                 0 19 459248 0
DVD                                                                                    0 19 459238 3



There is an Italian edition linked to the English Zone series, available only in Italy via La Nouva Italia Editrice / Oxford University Press. The DVD and Activity Book are bundled together.

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