A Close Shave

DVD edition

A Close Shave was our second Wallace & Gromit adaptation of an Oscar-Winning ® Nick Park video, though chronologically it’s the third by Nick Park. We designed the adaptation to pre-intermediate level. We divided the video into six episodes.

A Close Shave was our favourite of the three. Like the others, Peter Sallis re-created the role of Gromit. This time, Miriam Margolis joined him to re-create Wendolene, the owner of the wool shop. We continued with a narrator. A Close Shave introduced the character of Shaun The Sheep, which later led to spin-offs.

The Student’s Book offers full video exploitation, related language practice material, a transfer section, vocabulary building pages, a full grammar summary and a transcript.

The  DVD has optional English language subtitles. Menus allow individual episodes and sections of episodes to be selected.

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Student’s Book                                                                    0 19 459243 X
Teacher’s Book                                                                   0 19 459244 8
VHS PAL video                                                                   0 19 459240 5
VHS SECAM video                                                             0 19 459241 3
VHS NTSC video                                                                 0 19 459242 1
DVD                                                                                    0 19 459239 1

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